Welcome, Folks!You're in for a treat.Everything happens for a reason, They say.You may have accidentally stumbled across this blog or maybe you've heard about this from a friend. However, I'm glad you ended up here.I've put my heart and soul into creating this blog and I spend a long time editing each post, Giving it... Continue Reading →

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Hate crimes against Asian Americans

We're all familiar with the BLM moment that happened recently, that inspires various black people to speak up against the injustices they face.But we've got another problem on the rise that needs attention, folks.Hate crimes against Asian-Americans. US President Joe Biden has signed a law that aims to address a rising number of anti-Asian attacks,... Continue Reading →

The special orb

You woke up one day, and then you notice that you're in an abandoned, white cubicle. The room was enormous, and it seemed to never be ending. Fortunately, you weren't alone, there was a glass orb in front of you."Where am I?", you ask, because you're clueless."umm, you're a bit dead, but everything's okay", it... Continue Reading →


My family and I recently went on a trip to Yercaud- And it was amazing. As the oldest sibling, I didn't receive much attention from the members, so I had a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted to do.There was a tiny forest/water stream in front of our villa, and while everybody was... Continue Reading →

Dead Poets Society : A movie review.

I stumbled upon a movie called “The dead poets society” last night and I highly recommend it for all ages.(You can watch it even if you’re not into poetry, the title can be misleading)Here’s the synopsis: An English professor inspires his students and changes their lives, completely.Now, Ladies and gentlemen, that might sound basic and... Continue Reading →


I've been into art for as long as I can remember. Raw art in all of its forms. Let's take statues. I think about the lonely moments a sculptor spends in his room, being entirely dedicated to the statue. I think about the sculptor's strong hands that delicately carve its features. I touch the cold,... Continue Reading →

My paint box

He was my plastic paint-box,My budding pallet of colours,For blue, I drowned him,Until his refined face matched the eternal sky,For purple, I beat him,Until his flesh bloomed like lavender flowers,For red, I stroked his skin with my blade,until his blood flowed down like boiling lava,I noticed how he winced,How it ruined his little heart,But shouldn't... Continue Reading →

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