DISCLAIMER: NO ANTS WERE PHILOSOPHICALLY HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS POST! There I was in my usual environment, Engulfed in a novel in my classroom. As I was about to doze off, A little voice called out, 'Excuse me, what is this for?' A tiny ant has wriggled into the page of my novel … Continue reading Ant.


Welcome, Folks!You're in for a treat.Everything happens for a reason, They say.You may have accidentally stumbled across this blog or maybe you've heard about this from a friend. However, I'm glad you ended up here.I've put my heart and soul into creating this blog and I spend a long time editing each post, Giving it … Continue reading Hey


“Dostoevsky is a horseman in the desert with a quiver of arrows. Blood drips where his arrow hits. Dostoevsky lives in us. His music will never die” -Vasily Rozanov I have been exploring Russian literature, and I must say that Dostoevsky's works stood out the most to me. I started with the classic "Crime and … Continue reading DOSTOEVSKY!

The special orb

You woke up one day, and then you notice that you're in an abandoned, white cubicle. The room was enormous, and it seemed to never be ending. Fortunately, you weren't alone, there was a glass orb in front of you."Where am I?", you ask, because you're clueless."umm, you're a bit dead, but everything's okay", it … Continue reading The special orb


My family and I recently went on a trip to Yercaud- And it was amazing. As the oldest sibling, I didn't receive much attention from the members, so I had a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted to do.There was a tiny forest/water stream in front of our villa, and while everybody was … Continue reading VACATION!


I've been into art for as long as I can remember. Raw art in all of its forms. Let's take statues. I think about the lonely moments a sculptor spends in his room, being entirely dedicated to the statue. I think about the sculptor's strong hands that delicately carve its features. I touch the cold, … Continue reading Art